The Government has set a goal to plant one billion trees by 2028. The One Billion Trees Programme will deliver improved social, environmental, and economic outcomes for New Zealand.

The One Billion Trees (1BT) programme is the Government's way to encourage people to plant more trees by providing grants to assist reforestation and planting projects.

There are two types of grants available:

  1. Direct grants for planting trees: This funding will contribute to the costs of planting and establishing trees, and/or of managing land to regenerate to native forest.
  2. Partnership Funding: Includes science & innovation, workforce development, information and advice, or catchment based or landscape scale tree planting and restoration projects or seedlings and nursery production. Generally, each party contributes 50% of the cost towards the project, either financially or in kind.

Direct grants are not available for native plant production.

How it works

A grant area must have a minimum planted area of one hectare for indigenous species or five hectares for other species.

Species eligible for 1BT funding must grow to a height of more than 5 metres. A list of eligible species is available below.

Grants are paid when milestones are met, with 30% paid before planting with proof of seedlings, 50% after establishment, and 20% when trees have been successfully maintained.

The planted area must have an average minimum canopy width of 30m, although riparian plantings can be narrower than this.

Forestry Species List
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