Biosecurity scheme – pilot nursery feedback

20 Jun 2019

This year twenty nurseries are testing Plant Production Biosecurity Scheme design work. Diane and John Coleman’s Treeline Native Nursery is one of these. It grows native plants for revegetation, restoration and development projects. Customers include regional councils, DOC, farmers and developers and private gardeners.

“Having a biosecurity scheme within the horticulture sector is paramount to establishing standards and guidelines that we all follow to protect our places of work, establish confidence between individual businesses, and to future proofing”, says Debbie Porter who’s running the pilot programme at Treeline

PPBS Development Stages

STAGE #1 - 2018 - complete

Scope and system development - develop Core Standard and Checklist and Myrtle Rust Specific Module, a research stocktake and industry consultation on these through to the production of the nursery-pilot-ready scheme.

STAGE #2 - 2019 - underway

Validation, traceability, support and infrastructure

Design fitness-for-purpose testing through nursery pilots, scope a traceability standard, develop priority modules, technical and guidance materials, tool and infrastructure development, and participation drivers.

STAGE #3 - 2020 - proposed


Voluntary rollout, establish regulatory basis, transition to full implementation within an agreed transition period.




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